Learning the world through its games

The ” Getting to know the world through its toys ” programme aims to actively involve children and teenagers in workshops, activities and activities on toys from around the world. The objectives aim to familiarise children and adolescents with different cultures through an experiential and interactive educational programme based on contemporary culture, the development of artistic skills and the cultivation of competences and values. An important part of the action will be the construction by children and adolescents of toys from their countries of origin, under the guidance of artists with experience and a significant footprint in their field of activity.

The project will involve primary and secondary schools, intercultural schools, special education schools and participation will be free of charge.

For the needs of the Action, an Electronic Platform for the online exhibition of the games – artistic creations of children and adolescents has been created in order to ensure access to the results of the actions to as many interested parties as possible. The platform will remain open for posting games after the end of the action.

Under the auspices and with the support of