“Young fashion designers”

The aims of the “Young Fashion Designers” programme are the exploitation of cultural assets through which children and adolescents will develop artistic and other skills, the promotion of artistic creation, the protection of the natural environment, the support of young artists, the contact with new trends in the field of art, the long-term economic prosperity of the regions through the involvement of local businesses in the above-mentioned actions, the creation of new jobs, the fight against social phenomena that are plaguing society, the possibility for the new generation to become active on innovative ideas of artistic expression and the unification of many domestic and non-domestic associations in order to achieve a social project. Taking into account the changes that are taking place in modern multicultural societies and the need for the inclusion of people with disabilities, refugees and migrants, the programme consists of the following actions: ‘The whole world one outfit’, ‘Our own fashion week’, ‘Recycled fashion’, ‘Create your own Scarf – Bandana’ and ‘I make my own bag / t-shirt with the help of nature’.

Within the framework of the project, an online platform was created on which the creations-results of the activities will be posted. The project will involve primary and secondary schools, intercultural schools, experimental and model schools, special education schools and child protection structures.

The “Young Fashion Designers” programme is under the auspices and support of the Ministry of Culture.

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